Friday, February 27, 2009

Sometimes I can't sleep.

Sometimes the reason I can't sleep is that I have a vision of a particular item that I want to make. Tonight I have had three different items haunting me and rendering me insomniatic. Usually this kind of energy is good, because it means that I work hard on whatever is currently obsessively tickling my fancy. Sometimes it's just frustrating, especially when I don't have certain supplies to work on the project. It is especially frustrating if I have the supplies, but really need space to spread out my project. I don't really have this space at home, but I do have it at work. Tonight is one such night for me. I have visions of a black wool cloak (which I do not have the fabric for), visions of a blue patterned mens 18th century cutaway coat (I have the fabric, but the pattern is at work, and I don't have the space to cut it out here), and visions of brown embroidered pleather pants (I just spent the last hour or so tearing apart an old pair of jeans to turn into a pattern for said pants. Now I need to wait until I can get to work to correct the pattern and cut out the fabric).

Did I mention that I have a huge deadline at work tomorrow and need to get up really early to work on meeting it? Of course all that I want to do is to work on my own side projects!

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