Thursday, March 27, 2008

Velvet Fantasy

So, apparently Easter Triduum and a birthday means that I don't post for a full week. Whoops! Today's fabric is from a fitted jacket that was given to me by a friend's mom about 3 years ago. I adore the jacket, but the fabric plus the style makes it a bit fancy for most of my daily activities. I often wear it interviews and the like. I included so many photos this time because I think it is necessary to try to fully capture the impressiveness of this fabric over the internet. The first shot gives you a good idea of the scale of the design of the fabric. the coin in the corner is a quarter. The fabric is a 70% acetate/30% nylon burn-out velvet in rich deep jewel tones. It has a variegated abstract geometric design that has about a foot between repeats. One of my favorite things about this fabric is its texture. Not only is a velvet (which means Soft!), but the gold lines are actually a permanent glitter glue that rests on top of the velvety pile (which creates fun hard bumps, much like braille). If you look at the second and third pictures, you will notice two subtle images of flowers amongst the colors. Those are scattered liberally throughout the fabric, and are caused by the nap in the pile being reversed. This makes it a not-quite-true-burn-out-velvet, but I imagine that the method used to create this effect would be much the same (what exactly that method is, I am not sure. Any audience information would be much appreciated). In other terms, the flower images are created because the velvet has been shaped so that the light hits it differently in different parts. The fourth image is a bit blurry, but it shows almost the entirety of the the pattern in the fabric before it repeats.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Polka Dots, Part 1

Today's fabric is one that I saw and was totally coveting at Mill End when I stopped in to purchase some new fabric for As It Is In Heaven, the show I am currently working on. This fabric is currently in the upholstery markdowns section, and if you purchase the whole bolt it will be 50% off. At $11 a yard after the discount, and 3.5 yards of it, that would set one back about $40. Which isn't such an stellar deal that it MUST-be-purchased-no-matter-how-much-money-you-don't-have-right-now, but is a good enough deal that I am super tempted to go back and nab it before I regret it for the rest of my life. 3.5 yards is a good amount too: just enough to get one awesome (decently full or long) item out of it, with enough scraps left over for some fun purses. I can think of several coats or dresses I might want to make out of this material. The dots are about 2 inches in diameter, to give you an idea of scale. I absolutely love polka dots. Am crazy about them. I'm usually not a huge fan of neutral colors, but the wavy stripes in this make it AMAZING. As well as the fact that both the right and wrong sides are usable and have their own charm. The majority of the photo is actually the wrong side; you can see a bit of the "right side" on the right of the photo. I forgot to look at the contents of the fabric, but it felt like it was mostly heavy cotton, woven like those picture throw blankets one can purchase (You know what I am talking about, don't you?). Like most Home Decorator fabrics, this is 60 inches wide. Anyways, if I feel rich next week and it is still there, I may just buy it for myself for my birthday. We'll see.

Abstract Quadrangles!

Ok, so those who know me in person know that I have a...thing...for fabric. An I-do-so-love-it, an I-adore-the-fun-colors-and-feel-and-movement-and-daydreaming-
about-what-I-can-make-with-it sort of thing for fabric. Now, this is not uncommon among those who like to sew, or like fashion, or are heavily kinetic. But I do SO love fabric, and I thought it would be a great topic for a blog. So here goes!

This is a fabric that I bought back in Fall at Bolt Fabric Boutique in Portland. It was in their remnants sections for $5.67 a yard, and I believe I was able to purchase 2 yards of it. I was drawn to it by its use of slightly abstracted shapes and the layering of the colored squares and rectangles. I also happen to like pink and purple when they are together is such a way that is not TOO early nineties. The coin in the picture is a quarter, placed their to give you some concept of scale. Most of the inspiration for the projects that I make comes from the fabric. I paired this with some solid black and purple fabric to make some fun patchwork purses, and some solid black and bright pink fabric for similar projects. Both colorways seemed to work really well. I also paired it with some lighter pink to less success.