Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're making a dress, a dress, a dress...so early in the morning...

Last time on Confessions of a Fabriholic:

We left our [intrepid/crazy/silly] heroine with over six yards of a fabulous fabric that she had no particular plans for. So what did she do next? What any sane fabriholic would do with amazing fabric and too little time: stash the fabric away in a box so that it can be found at some later date (often multiple times) long after it had been forgotten about. Bingo! Instant squeals of delight at rediscovering an amazing fabric with lots of possibilities.

Fast forward about 2 years to a time with this Fabriholic starts reading more sewing blogs. In particular she starts reading A Dress a Day, a blog where the author posts about different dresses that she finds, makes, wears, or covets. Needing something to do during her brief lunch breaks in the costume shop, Fabriholic starts reading the archives. In doing so she comes across a pattern that gets mentioned a lot that catches her eye: the Duro. The contrasting fabrics used make her smile. One of her friends becomes similarly enamored of the Duro-style dress and purchases the pattern above (Simplicity 4050). Once Fabriholic helps said friend make the dress from the simplicity pattern and see how much fun it is, she decides that she MUST make the dress for herself!

Now Fabriholic has a pattern that she wants to make, and one that she wants to make sooner rather than later. But what fabric to use? She hasn't had time to look thought her fabric Stash, but one day as she is cutting out fabric for some purses, she rediscovers some light teal fabric that she has quite a few yards of. The color of the teal triggers something in her memory, just out of reach...where is it?...right....THERE! Yes, that's it! She hurries to her Stash, rummages around for a bit, and a triumphantly holds up the silky pink umbrella print fabric that she vaguely remembered, brings it over to the teal fabric, and sure enough, the blues are a perfect match. Fabriholic taps her fingers together, smiles cruelly, and thinks to herself, "Now I have a perfect plan..." She allows her head to be thrown back in an evil cackle as the lights fade.

Until next time.....

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